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Smash rehearsal

Hello mom,

We are already looking forward to photographing your family. Thank you for trusting our work.

In order for everything to come out in the best way, pay close attention to these instructions:  

PRE RESEARCH: The smash is the most fun rehearsal we do. It can be made with cake or fruit, and the goal is for the child to have a multisensory experience with different smells, colors and textures.

It is important that the baby is sitting up well and already has the experience of picking up food by hand.
We recommend a month before you buy whipped cream and put it on a small plate between the baby's legs to understand what your reaction is. For babies who don't like textures, we recommend the spatulated cake.

1. WHAT TO BRING: Towel, soap, diaper, blankets, clothes and diapers for the baby to come home.  

2. CAKE OR FRUITS:  We do not provide cake and fruit for baby food safety reasons. We are not responsible for what the baby consumes in our rehearsals.

For Smash the Cake / Cake Smash:  we have a supplier that we indicate and that is close to the studio. The Cake must be ordered in advance and paid directly to the professional.
- If you choose to take cake from another supplier, align in advance with the model and colors studio. We don't accept cakes with dark dyes, in addition to the photo not looking pretty, it can irritate the baby's skin.

For  Fruit Smash:
  Small strawberry,  bring 6 boxes of strawberries.
  little orange,  1 dozen BAHIA oranges, very yellow.
- Little Lemon – 2 dozen SICILIAN Lemon
- Apple – 1 dozen red apples

Bring the washed fruit. The strawberry – which is more fragile, just wash a box that the baby will consume, the rest will be used in the scenario.  

3. CLOTHING:  We provide all baby clothes and accessories. All clothes are washed after use and individually packaged to be dust free. For the mother we have some costumes, but we always ask you to bring some clothes from home if you don't like what we have.

3. FAMILY PHOTOS: We ask that you come dressed, with clean and combed hair, nails done (foot and hand), shave (father). We prefer clothes of the same tone and neutral (White, Beige, Jeans, Black). We recommend that the mother comes with comfortable clothes to breastfeed and brings the clothes she will use on the hanger to avoid wrinkling.  


4. MAKEUP: Makeup is an IMPORTANT part of the shoot. We partner with makeup artist. Photo makeup is more pronounced than regular makeup because of the use of flash. If you are going to do it with another professional, talk to the photographer beforehand to align the type of makeup


5. PUNCTUALITY: Be punctual, each rehearsal has a time to happen, the delay time will be deducted from the session time. From 20 minutes late we will charge a fine of R$ 70.00 . More than 40 minutes late, the deposit will be forfeited and we will reschedule a new date. TO BE RESPECT, RESPECT THE NEXT CUSTOMER.

6. VACCINE:  Do not schedule the trial on vaccine days or the day after.

7. DATE CHANGES: A minimum advance notice of 4 days is required for changes. On weekends our schedules are restricted, if you uncheck you run the risk of having no more date in the month.


8. ILLNESSES: Cancel the trial if you are sick at least 3 hours in advance.  Any and all outbreaks of illness in the house (parents and siblings) must be informed in advance so that we can assess the time for rescheduling. We photograph babies and pregnant women weekly. Help us keep our customers healthy. RESPECT THE NEXT.

9. TREATMENT (PHOTOSHOP): Our treatment is Natural and is made to alleviate skin problems (expression lines, stretch marks, cellulite, purple, acne and sometimes improvement of body contour).  


10. We do NOT thin the person, paint peeling nails or gray hair, do no makeup, unwrinkle clothes, remove parts of clothing, or remove people from the scene. This type of treatment can be done after an estimate and paid separately to the company that is responsible for our editing.  


11. COVID PROTOCOL: We do not allow people with shoes to enter the room. The use of the mask is essential during the rehearsal, and can only be removed at the time of the photos. We have sink for mothers washing and alcohol gel. The number of adults in the waiting room is limited to 4 people, and only those being photographed are allowed in the photo room. Shoes for photo must be inside a plastic bag, with the sole washed.


If you suspect COVID in the residence, I ask you to inform us, the rehearsal will be rescheduled.  

We don't put our customers at risk, help us keep that. RESPECT OTHERS TO BE RESPECTED.

12. OUR STUDIO: We have a nursing chair and pillow, changing table, colic pillow, microwave oven and fridge. We offer water, coffee and cookies. We have free parking on site.  


We are waiting for you!

Renata Joia and team

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