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Enlightened pregnant
Unravel the mystery of the flash


I realized in these 5 years of experience that the use of flash is still a big taboo and mystery in the Family Photography market. Many photographers use natural or led light due to lack of knowledge and fear of using flash.

Knowing all types of lighting available on the market is essential for differentiation in the photographic market. It is with lighting that you will build the identity of your photos, discover your style and succeed in photography.

It's 5 years of mistakes and successes that have been shaping the work I develop today and will be taught in this course.

The course is practical, focused on lighting and direction of pregnant women.

The student should understand his camera well and have basic knowledge of photography.

What you will learn:  

use of flash
Lighting with 1, 2 and 3 flashes
Contour/hair light
Against light
low key
White background / black background / beige or gray background and curtain

camera settings
How to use ISO, Iris and Speed


Direction and positioning of the pregnant woman
How to extract the best from your client with respect, reception and relaxation.

BRL 1,000.00 in deposit

or on the card in up to 12 installments with taxes included

Renata Jóia

11 96077-4066

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