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Quarterly Monitoring

The first smiles, your baby holding toys, sitting, walking and even running around the studio... that's why we created this essay.  

The follow-up marks well the stages of development of the baby's first year. It is at this stage that they develop very quickly and start doing the cute things we love so much.  


3 MONTHS - they have the most rigid neck muscles and can stay on their stomach with their head up for a few moments. They can fix their gaze and recognize familiar faces. They already smile at their parents' jokes, which yields beautiful records.  


6 months – Some already sit alone or with some support and stay on their stomachs with their heads held high for a long time.  At this age some babies have already discovered their feet and toes. It's fun to record them holding their feet or playing with their hands.


9 months – Usually sit without support, some stand and crawl. One of my favorite stages. They smile, squeal, are delighted with toys, in the smash the fruit session they eat the berries, make faces, hit the water and flood the studio.


12 months – Babies already have better motor control, some already walk and run around the room. One moment they are laughing, the next they are crying, the personality is becoming more evident.  In the cake sessions, they have fun, spread whipped cream around the room, and love the bath.


Want to know more? Come with us. 

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